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It's a bold claim I know. For the first time, I am divulging my secret weapon to making money from every word I write. This is amazing on many counts because not only there are almost none other writing professions that pay in the thousands of dollars, this might just be the 'missing link' you need to be able to sell anything AND everything...


The Psychology Behind Writing A Copy That Wins...

When I wrote my first copy, it was daunting. It was intimidating. I had absolutely no experience with selling prior to that, and with expert copywriters bragging about how many years of experience they have under their belts in their profiles, I honestly felt very belittled and de-motivated.

(Now you know I didn't start off being a guru or expert of sorts.. nor was I exceptionally talented...)

So I spent my early days reading dozens of other people's sales copies and writing several on my own just to get some 'hands on' experience. I surveyed every successful sales letter under the microscope and I came to a revelation...


It's Really A Mastery Of Words.

The truth may be shockingly simple but I learned that what makes some sales letters convert like gang busters and the rest perpetually fail at their job is because of this mere difference: how well can YOU master words?

I learned that the best sales letters are what they are because they have the best choice of words. And the sales letters that did embarrassingly poor are owed to having a poor choice of words!

This interesting yet incredible observation changed the way I wrote copy forever.

Another Revelation: years of experience is of little relevance your success! Look, it's all about the results. When you master words, you master persuasion. It's that simple.

In Rich Dad's Retire Young Retire Rich book, best-selling author Robert T Kiyosaki explained that leverage is found in words. There are words that make you rich, and there are words that make you poor. The same holds true in web copywriting. There are words that make you sales, and there also words make you lose sales.

And if you are selling anything online, and you want to learn how to increase your sales by twice or thrice as much - with the same product and same amount of traffic - I have something in store for you...

Copy Cash Secrets

What You Will Discover...

  • Your easy-to-follow "Quick Start" guide that will get you through the material and into creating or improving your sales copy within 24 hours - even if it's your first time!

  • My fool-proof, fast and easy 8-step process to spitting out your first sales letter in record time! In fact this is described in over the course of 8 training modules for greater clarity and to fix every weak link you may have in your copy!

  • The H.A.B. Technique that instantly boosts the conversion rate for almost any offer. (HINT: I've already used it in this very sales letter you're reading now!)

  • Already have your own product and sales letter? Discover how to double or even triple your sales with the same amount of traffic... overnight!

  • Psychological triggers that actually PERSUADE your readers to transit from potential customer to satisfied buyer!

  • Ultimate Video Sales Letter formula - how you can also crank out killer VSLs (and get paid!)

  • Long copy vs. Short copy - the FINAL answer...

  • How to beat the industry standard - it is said that if your sales copy converts at 2 - 4% your copy is considered to be doing well indeed. But what if I show you how some of my sales copies convert above 4%?

  • Quick and easy 'hacks' to boost your conversions with nothing more than deceptively simple tweaks...

  • How to make your offer irresistible without resorting to overdose of hype in your sales letter!

  • And more...

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And I know of courses on the same subject out there selling anywhere from $1,997 to $5,000... and above. Fortunately with Copy Cash Secrets it won't cost anywhere near that.

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Copy Cash Secrets

Copy Cash Secrets


At this small investment, almost everyone can afford it. I mean, all you need to do is sell one low ticket product - or charge $200-$500 (I'm being very conservative there)... and you already cover your fees.

And when you can crank out killer copy that sells like gangbusters for your offer - ANY offer - there's no way you'll ever go broke again. It'll just get better and better from here!